From a standard one-to-one training session in our office to a Team Viewer session with our expert.

Two level of training are available:
  • User Training Module [XsG Basic, XsG Pro]
  • Advanced Training Module [XsG Basic, XsG Pro, XsG Ultimate]
Prerequisite for Advanced Course, every trainee has to go for the User Course

At the End of the User Training Module, a Completion Certificate will be established

At the End of the Advanced Training Module, a Professional Certificate will be established, including percentage of success during the test.

The Professional Certificate is required for those who want to perform Professional Services using the Xstream Generator Suite.

User Training Module

  • Introduction to Virtualization Concept
  • Introduction to Xstream Generator Suite: What do we want to achieve?
  • Installation of the Software [Single Platform, Multiple Platform]
  • XsG Capture Module
  • XsG Transmitter Module
  • XsG Viewer Module
  • XsG Network Monitor Module
  • How to setup your network [Dedicated VPN for XsG Virtualized Cameras]
  • Basic setup with a single network interface [64 Channels]
  • Running the Test using the XsG Viewer
  • Performing Tests
  • Troubleshooting

Advanced Training Module

  • Review of the XsG User Training Module
  • Questions on previous session
  • Advanced Network Setup with multiple Sub Network [500 Channels]
  • Mixing ONVIF Real Cameras, and Camera Sample Files
  • Exporting Setup for Other VMS. Example, Milestone XProtect
  • Configuring the Milestone XProtect
  • Performing Tests
  • Troubleshooting