XsG Capture

Plug an ONVIF Camera in your network, Scan the network then capture the upcoming stream… This will become your tamperproof file that will be multiplied through the XsG Transmitter. There is no limitation in the Resolution, FPS, and Bandwidth of the camera sample you create.

Whatever the camera gives, that is the only limitation. You can also create as many sample files as you want! You can also share them with your colleagues and partners who are also using the XsG Transmitter all over the world.

XsG Capture Module Features

  • ONVIF Discovery : Discover any ONVIF IP camera connected through the network [Profile S]
  • Camera Info and Settings: Display all the details and parameters of the connected camera and prepare the settings for Sample Recording
  • Video Window: Preview Live from IP Camera and Playback Sample Files
  • Sample Recording Details: Sample name description and author can be integrated with the recorded sample file
  • Record and Export: Record and Export video tamperproof sample for the XsG Transmitter Module.

XsG Transmitter

The XsG Transmitter is the main module of the Suite. This is where you will literally create virtually all the IP cameras streams. You will also decide if you are using a real camera input, a file, a selection of files, or even all of them together!

Once the IP creation is done, hit the ONVIF and STREAM buttons in the user friendly interface, and then start your test!

XsG Transmitter Module Features

  • Virtual IPs: Create Virtual IPs and Sub Networks
    • Multiple Network Interfaces: Different virtual IPs of different subnets can be added on different network interfaces
    • Multiple Groups: IP cameras can be categorized and grouped
    • Multiple groups can be added to the interface to group the virtual IPs
    • Multiple IPs can be linked, delinked and deleted by selecting the group
    • Link and De-Link
  • Link: Associate the Virtual IP with a channel to create a virtual camera
  • De-Link: Delink the Virtual IP and remove the virtual camera
  • Channels: Video channel for virtual camera can be imported from the several sources
    • Camera sample: created by the XsG Capture Module
    • Onvif Channel: Live Onvif Camera
  • Channel Transcoding: Video Channels can be modified to stream with different settings:
    • Video FPS
    • Multiple options of resolutions
    • Codec: H264, MPEG4 and MJPEG
    • Defined Bitrates
  • Virtual Cameras: Virtual IPs are associated with the channels to form Virtual Camera
    • Drag and Drop: Virtual cameras can be created by linking the Channel to the Network Adaptor/Group or Virtual IP addresses
    • Virtual Camera List: Display the virtual cameras addresses
    • Filter: List the Virtual Cameras based on the network interface , groups or by channel list
    • Virtual Camera Properties: displays the video properties of the virtual camera and the MRL
  • Preview window: Displays video from the channels of camera sample, Live Onvif camera or from the created virtual camera
  • Real-time Graph: Displays graphical network activity of each interface in real-time
  • Message panel: Displays the activity Log
  • Xs Monitor: Monitor the network activity by the virtual cameras
  • Inbuilt Performance window: View the percentage of CPU, LAN, Memory and Hard Disk activity
  • Statuas Window: View the status of ONVIF and Streaming on the status bar below
  • Exporting to VMS: Generate CSV files to add Virtual Cameras in popular VMS such as Aimetis Symphony.

XsG Viewer

Sometimes, you have to learn how to walk, before running. With the XsG Viewer, you will be able to verify that your virtualization environment is setup properly before thinking of modifying your existing VMS.

Once you are satisfied with your testing results, then you just need to export your configuration files [CSV, XML] and import them into your installed VMS. That is it. You can also run both simultaneously.

XsG Viewer Module Features

  • Receiving the Stream:
    • ONVIF Discovery: Scan the network and discover the ONVIF Channels streaming from the XsG Transmitter Module
    • Connect: Test Connectivity with the Virtual Cameras
  • Network Monitoring Tool: Monitor the Onvif streams connection in the network
  • Bandwidth Graph: Displays the Network Bandwidth Status
  • Stream Display: View the channels along with its parameters

XsG Monitor

This is a handy tool comes with the XSG suite to monitor the bandwidth usage of each virtual camera in IP address level. You do not need to rely on any system tools or third party tools to monitor data transfers happening in your camera network .

Xstream Generator Suite

Comes with 3 Different Versions

Pick the best version that meets your VMS Testing needs. A free trial is available to help you with the decision-making.

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For small to medium users. Typically, this version is for integrators and designers who work up to 250 cameras environments.

  • 250Virtual Cameras
  • Multi Servers Support
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For medium to large users. Limited to one CPU, but not limited to the number of network adapters. This version was tested successfully with 1000 virtualized cameras.

  • UNLIMITEDVirtual Cameras
  • Multi Servers Support
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For Large to XL users. If you want to virtualize thousands of cameras of a complete city, then that is the product for you.

  • UNLIMITEDVirtual Cameras
  • Multi Servers Support
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VMS Compatibility

The Xstream Generator Suite team is attentive to customers feedback and add on a regular basis new features to the XsG product and also improve the compatibility with VMS in the Surveillance Market.

The Xstream Generator Suite software is built following the ONVIF Profile S, which make it 100% compatible with the majority of VMS and IP Cameras in the industry.

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