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Version Change set

  • Streaming Improvements on RTP header fields
  • RTSP client re-connection time optimized
  • Virtual Cameras now shows proper Time-zone
  • Fixed NTP time of RTCP protocol

Version Change set

  • XsG now supports Multicasting JPEG Streams
  • Streaming Server performance improved

Version Change set

  • Minor Fixes and GUI enhancements
  • XSG now Supports SSM (Source-Specific Multicast)

Version Change set

  • Improved Onvif Discovery Server stability on Virtual Machines
  • Minor fixes and GUI enhancements

Version Change set

  • Performance enhancement of video Streaming

Version Change set

  • Multicast Streaming Support for Virtual Cameras by XsG Transmitter
  • XsG Viewer extended to receive TCP and multicast streams
  • XsG Transmitter now adds feature with Streaming session information window
  • Now supports MultiChannel and dual/multi streaming
  • Added support to work with wide range of Live camera inputs
  • Fixes and updates on streaming server
  • XsG Network Monitor now displays TCP/Multicast Network data transfer report
  • Fixed the Streaming breaks during File Channel is looping
  • Log message window now also shows VCam stream connections
  • Minor fixes and GUI enhancements

Version Change set

  • Streaming support for Remote Cameras
  • Minor fixes and GUI enhancements
  • Auto restarting of XsGRelay and JpegTransmitter improved
  • ONVIF discovery improved to detect wide range of ONVIF Live cameras
2015 - Change set Archive

Version Change set

  • Now Onvif Client supports different device addresses
  • Fixes and updates on few Onvif methods and Onvif Protocol
  • Support for RTSP PAUSE method
  • Fixed XsG Onvif Server restarting
  • Minor fixes and GUI enhancements

Version Change set

  • XsG Transmitter now supports all three video streaming protocols
    • UDP
    • RTSP\RTP over TCP ( NEW )
    • HTTP tunneling ( NEW )
  • Live Camera connectivity now supports the following three authentication for ONVIF cameras
    • Basic ( NEW )
    • Digest ( NEW )
    • WS-username token
  • Live Camera connectivity now also supports digest authentication on RTSP streams
  • Fix on changing settings of ONVIF profile and streaming parameters when receiving stream from ONVIF cameras (For both XsG Capture and XsG Transmitter)
  • RTSP sessions now does not disconnect during sample loopback
  • XsG Viewer can now receive up to 500 virtual streams
  • XsG Viewer stability and continuity enhanced for receiving streams
  • Minor fixes and GUI enhancements
  • User can now enable debug message logging for all XsG applications during support session

Version Change Set

  • ONVIF discovery improved to detect wide range of ONVIF Live cameras by XsG Capture
  • XsG Transmitter now supports custom video resolutions provided by the Live ONVIF Camera and captured samples
  • XsG Transmitter can populate and support the video resolutions from each profile provided by the Live ONVIF Camera
  • XsG Transmitter now supports searching and adding Live cameras from an ONVIF Discovery tool window

Version Change Set

  • XsG Transmitter now supports 2560x1920 (5MP) resolution
  • XsG Capture can now record from RTSP Streams
  • XsG Capture can now Import Pre-Recorded Video Files and direct Export

Ver Change Set

  • Added authentication support on RTSP streams
  • ONVIF Support for HTTP Digest authentication
  • HTTP connection timeout optimized
  • Added MRL to CSV export file

Version Change Set

  • Minor fixes and enhancements
  • Ultimate Product type support

Ver 1.3.0.x Change Set

  • Basic Product type support
  • Added settings for ONVIF and Streamer services
  • RTSP protocol enhanced for Jpeg Streaming
  • RTSP timeout handling for H264 and JPEG streaming
  • latency reduced and adjustable on H264 streaming
  • VMS compatibility enhancements for ONVIF protocol
  • GUI enhancements for SystemTray applications
  • Other GUI fixes and enhancements
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