Can I upgrade my XsG Basic to another version?

Yes. In the case you find out that you don’t have enough virtualized cameras, you can upgrade your XsG Basic to XsG Pro. Contact our Sales department, and we will assist you in the process.

Can I make Non-ONVIF sample files with the XsG Capture Module?

No. Only Onvif Cameras are supported for now. If there is a strong demand for adding Non-Onvif Camera support, the feature will be integrated in the next release.

Can I share Camera Sample Files I’ve generated with other XsG Users?

Yes you can. There is no limitation into that. Even if you create samples with the XsG Pro, the samples files can be used with any other version of XsG, except the Shareware version.

Why are you using a Dongle to protect the XsG Software?

There are several reasons behind that choice. The main one is that because of the nature of the XsG application, it is considered as a tool and may be installed in several systems during its life time. So it will be easier to handle a Dongle for Software installation than having it with constant online activation process… Most of the time, CCTV will not be connected to the Internet.

Can I sell Professional Services based on the use of the Xstream Generator Suite?

Yes you can, but only Certified Professionals will be referenced on our website.

How can I become a Certified Professional?

You have to complete the official training program provided by Doo Technologies. Once you complete the course and that you pass the test, you’ll become an official Certified Professional and will receive a Professional Certificate. Please contact us if you are interested.

What are the benefits into being a Certified Professional?

As a Certified Professional, you will be listed on the official XsG website, you’ll receive Special discount offer for further training courses, and new software versions.

I am a Student in IT and I want to use the XsG to specialize in CCTV configuration. Can I get a special price?

Yes. Provide us with a School or Student Certificate, and you will get an Educational Price for the XsG Basic version only. Contact us for further details.

I am a CCTV Training Center, and I want to use the XsG for my training courses. Can I get a special price?

Yes. Provide us your Company trade license or similar, and you’ll get an Educational Price for the XsG Pro and Ultimate only. If you want to train your students to use the XsG also, you’ll need to have one trainer referenced as a Certified Professional.

The Xstream Generator Suite is in English language. Do you plan to provide the software in other languages?

Yes, other languages support will be added as part of an update for no extra cost.

The Xstream Generator Suite is working exclusively on Windows OS. Do you plan to support other operating systems such as Unix or Linux?

The Xstream Generator Suite is a Windows OS only application. A new Web base runtime feature will be added in the next major software release. As a web base application, this Runtime module will be compatible with any existing web browser, and will work on any iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows based hardware.

The Xstream Generator Suite is only supporting standard ONVIF Cameras. Do you plan to make other upgrade such as PTZ Control, and 360 Camera support?

Yes. In the next major release, PTZ Control and 360 Camera will be supported by all XsG Versions.
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