VMS Compatibility

The Xstream Generator Suite team is attentive to customers feedback and add on a regular basis new features to the XsG product and also improve the compatibility with VMS in the Surveillance Market.

The Xstream Generator Suite software is built following the ONVIF Profile S, which make it 100% compatible with the majority of VMS and IP Cameras in the industry.

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Welcome to Xstream Generator Suite by Doo Technologies

The Camera Virtualization Software Xstream Generator Suite [XsG] by Doo Technologies is the only Software tool in the CCTV world that allows to stress test for real your entire CCTV system! This innovative software annihilates all doubts during design, integration and test stages regarding the bandwidth, quality, quantity, storage and longevity.

The XsG is a pledge of confidence for any actors in the quality assessment chain. Among all the criteria impacting an IP CCTV system value, the storage capability (Read & Write) and total network bandwidth are particularly significant. Without strong components, your entire system won't function. In this context, the XsG becomes your strongest ally, verifying the information you provide to your client during every step of the CCTV project.

This technique is nowadays commonly used in Cloud computing and server virtualization, but never before it was used for Camera Virtualization… And for what reason?

With XsG, you will be able to create and stream camera video samples, test and visualize multiple settings and system behavior to determine the best option for your future or existing system.

Big Value for the Money?

How much would it cost you using any ONVIF Camera Manufacturer to create a complete setup of at least 250 IP cameras?
Let’s say 2 Mega Pixels each? Just for 2 weeks testing? With XsG Basic, it will cost only 800 USD.

Xstream Generator Suite

Beneficial for every single actor in the CCTV integration chain.

Who is the XStream Generator for ?

Every actor in the CCTV industry can find a great benefit by using the Xs Generator.



Create and share tamperproof camera sample files for all your distributors and customers for them to try your cameras virtually without physically having them!

Video Management Software

Simplify your VMS Stress Test environment by virtualizing thousand of camera streams to adjust your hardware requirements.

Storage & Server

Virtualize thousands of camera streams and show the world what your storage is capable of. 100, 1000, 10000 Camera Streams simultaneously for several weeks of testing? No Problem.

Network Devices

Network equipment is a key part of an IP CCTV system. Do you want to show that your devices can handle the load?

Middleware Actors

Security Consultant

Improve your audit reports and become a certified XsG Professional to provide better services to all your customers.

System Designer

Use the XsG as parts of your tool box will fast track your design phase validation.


Show your customer the complete solution before you install the complete system with all the cameras. Don't take a risk and use the XsG to validate your offer.


Increase your added value as a Distributor and demonstrate large scale solutions with proven results.


CCTV Installation Training

Training engineers with huge amount of cameras can be a very expensive investment, until now. With XsG any Approved Training Center can virtualizes thousands of cameras which can be accessed by all the trainees simultaneously.

Preventive Maintenance

Run Stress Test with extra cameras through your CCTV environment to prevent any weird behavior

Troubleshooting Training

Build Test Cases with virtualized failure equipment and find out where the problem is coming from.

End User

You can be a Government Security Advisor or a Bank Security Administrator, You always want to know that what you will recommend and use for your organization is right.

XsG Virtualization World Record – Push to the limit

If you are a VMS, a Storage Company, or anybody involved in the IP CCTV industry… Do you want to set a World Record in the number of cameras you can handle? Humm? Contact us, and make it happen.

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